Sustainable Mobility 2015


Showing the solutions that are making mobility more sustainable

The Sustainable Mobility 2015 expo was live in Brussels on:
17-23 September > Esplanade of the European Parliament
23 September – 30 October > Esplanade of Gare du Nord

Take a virtual tour of the 2015 edition of Sustainable Mobility here:

Click here for the Impact Report of Sustainable Mobility 2015

Cities are going towards more efficient public transport: inter-city travel and transport is being improved and new modes of urban movement are being introduced, such as cable cars and automated driving. Car-sharing is taking off and car-pooling is gaining ground. Electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are offering new solutions to reduce pollution. More fanciful prototypes, such as solar-powered airplanes are proving that aviation will be powered without fossil fuels. Other innovations in shipping and digital navigation are revolutionizing the “Internet of Things”. We are at the crossroads of a new era and we are proud to work with the following industry leaders in accelerating the energy transition:



To participate in Sustainable Mobility 2016, please contact:


Stuart Reigeluth, Founder, | +32 (0)2 318 3984

Jean-Luc de Wilde, Mobility Advisor, | +32 (0)2 318 3984


Lesley Brown, mobility journalist,



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